Wednesday, 3 October 2018

If you go down to the woods today...

In Science last week Willow class were continuing with their topic on bears and learning about the way bears have adapted to become camouflage.

The children have been looking at ways in which bears can disguise themselves from predators and prey and then they had a game of hide and seek in the woods to see just how good their own camouflage was. Can you see them?

Bear Portraits

This term's topic in Willow class is Bears. All the children have brought in a spacial bear from home to sit in class and watch all the fun the class have and all the learning that is going on. I'm sure they'll be very impressed.

The children have made a beautiful display on the wall in class with portraits of their bears. They used pencils and paints to create their masterpieces.

The children have also been making bears with play dough and straws, giving them googly eyes and funny faces.

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Monday, 1 October 2018

Fun day at Longleat

Last Wednesday Lacock School children were lucky enough to go to Longleat whilst the school was being turned in to a 1920's Police station.
They had an educational talk from the keepers and got to see and feel some of the animals and bugs that live at the safari park. These included snakes, Tarantulas, lizards, roaches and an armadillo.

"I was really scared of the snake but I really wish I'd stroked it. I'm going to next time" T.A Willow
"I did stroke it and it felt hard and lumpy. It was very beautiful." J.C Willow

The children could remember some facts from their talk and explained that Tarantula's don't have very good eyesight and eat bugs.
 "They are very lazy because they have so many legs to move." T.A Willow
The children thought that Mrs Green was very brave holding the Tarantula!

"The lizard looked like a badger and was smooth to touch." J.C Willow

We also went on safari and looked at the animals in the African enclosure. The giraffes were very tall and there were some baby ones too.
"The lemurs were really funny and jumped about a lot, They were like a cross between a badger and a cat and liked fruit." J.C Willow
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